EP66 for pool management

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#SISTEMATISMOS , as manager of the  #EuraDrives SAT service to Spain, GFrance and Portugal, and in response to the demand of the installers in the swimming pool sector, has developed an auxiliary application that allows this management to be carried out.

Using the robust and versatile EP66 model, we can provide a control solution to recirculating water filter pumps in swimming pools (public or private), with a simple configuration and full efficiency. The #EuraDrives #Inverter has an integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) that allows you to configure and manage the recirculation function of the pool water for cleaning, in up to 5 daily time slots.

With this, the relevant energy savings are made by accommodating recirculation to the times of maximum influx of bathers or to the electricity rates on duty. The management program is in 2 languages, in addition to Spanish; can be used in French and English.

NO additional power is required to that required by the drive (single-phase 230Vac, three-phase 400Vac), since the HMI is powered by a strong interior that adapts the DC bus voltage of #Inverter to the HMI. This same HMI can be used for #E2000 serie  of #EuraDrives #VariadoresDeVelocidad (those that are placed inside an electrical cabinet), using a direct AC / DC or DIN rail power supply.

In #EuraDrives and #Sistematismos we like to meet the demands of our customers and give them the solutions that in each case they need …

Main technical characteristics :

Valid for pumps of the following powers:

  • Inverters EP66 with single fase 230Vac input:
  •       * From 0,7kW until 2,2kW
  • Inverters EP66 three-phase 400Vac input :
  •      * From 0.7kW Until 90kW
  • Inverters EP66 powered by solar panels :
  •      * All models from 0.7kW until 90kW

Delivery includes :

  • Variable speed drive of the relevant size.
  • The HMI touch screen with the updated program.
  • The HMI power and communication cable.
  • Internal DC/DC 1000Vdc/24Vdc power supply to HMI.
  • The selector switch for MANUAL/AUTOMATIC wired to terminals.
  • Installation manual and instructions in the recipient’s language (ES/FR/EN).

Personalization :

HMI customization with installer data is possible even for small quantities. If you are interested, please contact us to discuss the terms and scope of the customization.

Likewise, if you require a special operation, we can adapt the current program to your needs.



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