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The E2100 series is an evolution of the E2000, with a new microprocessor and state-of-the-art components, and some added functionality.

Eura Drives E2100 frequency converters are variable speed drives for demanding constant torque applications.

The Eura Drives E2100 series ; The control of the engine is of the latest generation, based on the highly technological DSP concept, which can operate in V/Hz modes, vector open loop (sensorless vector) or synchronous PMM (in speed or torque), and with an autotuning function easy to adjust

Eura Drives serie E2000

Its main advantages are:

  • It has state-of-the-art motor control, based on advanced DSP technology – for motor control: V/F -sensorless vector- PMM synchronous motor- speed/torque control with easy-to-adjust AUTOTUNING function.
  • They have a compact size -concept modular- -dura construction- manufactured for the world market
  • It has a flexible and configurable man machine interface, and communications capability.
  • It has a flexible control – two analog inputs of high resolution – free selection of functions for the digital I/O.
  • It can be coupled to all types of industrial and domestic applications.
  • functionality available for all types of industrial and domestic applications, including PID/pumping control routines.
  • It has a software for PC: it is used for the parameterization, the analysis and diagnosis of the operation and the alarms, tools of copy of parameters.
  • It is approved for worldwide regulations by different estates.

This new and robust generation of inverters: in general use, for a wide range of applications, from the simplest speed control to the most complex process automation system.

The modular concept, easily realizable configuration, parametrization to work with different motors according to the different requirements of the installation makes this series of frequency converters also suitable for OEM-marketsingle style applications.

Mounted on modern high-speed lines, using high-quality components from first-class vendors. This is the guarantee of profitability, reliability and absolute quality.

Ecological production: through operational processes that respect the environment (a great guideline, a need) for a product whose final destination is to protect the environment by saving energy resources.
All products are compliant with international CE standards, individual UL approvals, certified by independent bodies, give the customer confidence in a world class product.

Eura Drives E2000 frequency converters are used in practically any application in the process automation, machine tool, pump, ventilation, refrigeration, building automation, and process management industries. materials, automotive, textiles, dry cleaning, printing, packaging, robotics, centrifugal, wood processing, ball mill, conveyor belts, ….

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