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The combined solar irrigation with EURA DRIVES inverters is a very advantageous option.

On many occasions, a combined solar irrigation must be used to manage the well pump, which fills a nurse pool, with another pump, usually a surface one, used to feed the irrigation pivot or any other irrigation system.

This is easily achievable with the irrigation software developed for EURA DRIVES frequency inverters.

One inverter manages the operation of the well pump that will supply the water to the mother pond. This action can be combined with a level control with analogue output, to keep the basin at the programmed level, or with simple level buoys to keep the basin at its maximum adjusted level.

Another inverter manages the operation of the pump that maintains the pivot, or the irrigation system, at the appropriate pressure so that the spray is uniform throughout the field to be irrigated.

Pivot pressure management can be combined with internal functions for detecting dry running and system filling.

The multifunction keyboard of the inverter allows to visualize the most important parameters of the installation, so it is not necessary to install additional indicators or measuring instruments for the electrical quantities of the pump motor.

The series of drives suitable for this combined solar irrigation system are:

  • The E2000 series for installation with other instruments or automation within a control cabinet. Hybridization can be done in all three-phase drives at 400Vac above 15kW.
  • The EP66 series, for direct installation in the irrigation house, or outdoors. The entire power range can be hybridized, in three-phase at 400Vac.

NOTE: The E2000 series does not come standard with the multifunction keyboard, it must be purchased separately.

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