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Model CH/2 for motors with a maximum approximate power of 15kW

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Electro-Magnetic compatibility



For motors up to an approximate maximum power of 15kW

The Output Chokes, also commonly called ferrites , can be used in combination with RED filters to reduce electromagnetic disturbance.

They are especially effective when the disturbances radiated by the motor connection conductor cause interference in the control systems, data lines or radio and television receivers located near the installation.

Fitting the proper shock on the motor connection cable can solve this type of problem.


Recommendations for installation

Occasionally, electromagnetic compatibility problems can occur in an installation when the components that are part of the same control set affect each other; for example, open control panels can cause interference on the small amplitude signal circuits of the sensors.

Usually in these cases the inclusion of a toroidal inductance in the control circuit cables and the sensors solves the problem.

Normally, to determine the number and sutuation of additional shocks, it is necessary to perform some tests to achieve the optimal configuration.

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