Braking resistors


And for other uses too

We have a product range between 50W and 2000W, in standard construction or custom made according to customer specifications, including low inductance resistors, high voltage cut-off, high operating voltage, suitable for energy can impulses, and designs of natural cooling or forced ventilation.

Our resistors can be supplied from protection IP00 to IP54 and in special versions (with special insulation, not inductive, with terminals or special cables and thermal switch.

The use of braking resistors with variable speed drives / variators Frequency is always focused on dissipating in the form of heat all the energy that is generated by the engine in the moments of braking of large masses, or stops mechanisms with great moments of inertia in a short time.

Typical applications

  • Speed / Frequency Drives
  • Applications for Cranes
  • Energy conversion
  • Industrial automation
  • Machinery and welding machines
  • Services for the industry
  • Test equipment and laboratory technology
  • Heating
  • Motor control resistors
  • Dynamic braking resistors
  • Resistors for renewable energies (wind & solar)
  • Lever Resistances (Soft Crowbar)
  • Resistors for load banks
  • Resistors for traction (RAILWAY)
  • Filtering resistors
  • Power electronics
  • Applications of load and discharge resistors

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