When the sun warms...

… that’s when you have to rely on irrigation systems.

EP66 under the sun

Eura Drives has Variable Speed ​​Drives that with PumpSoft, the irrigation software, allow this difficult task to be carried out efficiently and autonomously.

The EP66 series Frequency Inverter is a robust pump control device for powers of up to 90kW in three-phase and up to 2.2kW in single-phase that performs this task in a decentralized manner. Due to its IP66 protection degree, it can be installed directly in the field or in the irrigation shed. It can be powered directly from solar panels, from the network or from an electric generator, or it can even automatically hybridize solar/grid or solar/generator, and optionally disconnect from the photovoltaic panels.

Its multifunction control panel allows you to view a multitude of parameters that indicate the status of the irrigation task. It will efficiently and tirelessly maintain the appropriate pressure for irrigation, with the pertinent advantage for the uniformity of production.

Eura Drives, a company of Variable Frequency Drives!



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