We must fight the drought!

to various studies, Europe is registering this summer the worst drought in the last 500 years.

Data from this month of August indicate that 47% of the territory of the European Union is on alert due to drought and 17% on alert due to low rainfall.

The forecasts for the harvests this summer point to a drop of 16 percent in the production of corn, 15% in soybeans and 12% in the case of sunflowers, while the lack of rain has affected almost all the rivers of Europe with a significant impact on the hydroelectric sector, river transport and refrigeration systems.

Confirmed this fact by the European Commission, with data obtained through the Copernicus program and its specialized service in the European Drought Observatory, we must make a special effort to remedy it.

Eura Drives does its bit for agricultural irrigation by providing PumpSoft, a powerful pump management program, to its EP66 series Frequency Inverters. Whether it is irrigation by solar energy, grid circuit or electric generators, the EP66 are a good alternative to maintain the necessary agricultural production.



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