Eura Drives EP66

The Eura Drives EP66 frequency converters are speed variators designed to work directly outdoors, they are equipped with IP67/NEMA4 protection and internal space and in the cover for the customer’s drives.

Eura Drives serie EP66

The Eura Drives EP66 series; The control of the engine is of the latest generation, based on the highly technological DSP concept, which can operate in V/Hz modes, vector open loop (sensorless vector) or synchronous PMM (in speed or torque), and with an autotuning function easy to adjust

The constructive form is very hard, designed to be in extreme conditions in the field of work. A sturdy aluminum base topped by a thick polycarbonate top, and includes an anti-moisture breather and forced ventilation.

– Available options: IP66 remote panel, optional built-in brake chopper and braking resistors to stop high inertia loads, clone module (parameter copy stick).

The Eura Drives EP66 frequency converters have enough space inside and in the robust cover so that the customer can insert the local control (pulsantería, inverter, general disconnector, emergency mushroom, etc …) that you need to avoid boxes auxiliary control.

The Eura Drives EP66 frequency inverter is the result of many years of worldwide experience in the development of inverters for extreme environmental conditions. With intelligent protection functions, wide operating temperature range and coating of all plates, the EP66 is rugged and reliable, even in extreme working conditions.

They have the EMC filter for domestic area (optional) installable in the equipment box. Meets the IEC and UL standards.

EMC filtering in Eura Drives EP66

Its cable entry conduit plate is removable, maintains IP66 protection, has a robust concept and an excellent balance of protection against the projected water and environmental dust.

Plate of inputs/outputs to the EP66

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