Eura Drives EM30

The Eura Drives EM30 frequency converters are speed variators ready to work placed directly on the motor, achieving a delocalised installation.

Eura Drives serie EM30

Its main advantages are:

  • It has state-of-the-art motor control, based on advanced DSP technology – for motor control: V / F- sensorless vector- PMM synchronous motor- speed / torque control with AUTOTUNING function for easy adjustment.
  • They have a hard, metal construction, thermally isolated from the motor, IP67 / NEMA4, to test blows (4G).
  • It has a flexible and configurable man machine interface and communication capacity.
  • It is dopable to all types of industrial and domestic applications.
    It has a software for PC: it is used for parameterization, the analysis and diagnosis of operation and alarms, parameter copy tools.
  • It is approved for worldwide regulations by different estates external to EURA DRIVES.

Rotary keyboard


Backlit, removable multifunction keyboard.

It can be mounted in any 90 ° position.

The variable speed drive can work in any position.

Blind cover or optional boxes are available for keyboard replacement

The Eura Drives EM30 frequency converters are thermally insulated from the motor

All active components are incorporated in the lid.

Progressive fin design, without obstruction of air flow by dust.

IP76 high grade fans.

Keyboard embedded in the heatsink, for better protection

Thermally insulated


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