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Specific input filters for EP66

Input filters


The input filters Z-EP66-EMV-BG are specially manufactured to be inserted into the interior of the inverter box EP66 series , and that are designed to meet CEM C1 (domestic environment).

There are three models available:

  • Z-EP66-EMV-BGI1 for I1 size drives
    (IIx230Vac ≤2.2kW) / (IIIx230Vac ≤2.2kW) / (IIIx400Vac ≤4kW)
  • Z-EP66-EMV-BGI2 for I2 size drives
    (IIIx400Vac ≥ 5,5kW ≤ 7,5kW)
  • Z-EP66-EMV-BGI3 for I3 size drives
    (IIIx400Vac ≥ 5,5kW ≤ 7,5kW)




Input filters

Input filters


The EMI filter, series MLC 3 is specially designed for frequency inverters, inverters, motor speed control systems, industrial uses, etc …
Equipped with an innovative circuit, they comply with the latest EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and BT (low voltage) safety standards.

  • Three-phase EMI filter
  • EMI power filter from 7 to 180A
  • Three-phase network power up to 520 VAC
  • High attenuation symmetric and asymmetric mode
  • Low leakage current
  • Compact mechanical structure type book
  • Easy to install. Lightweight. Good heat dissipation
  • Designed for a motor cable length of up to 50m
  • The -IT version is specially designed for IT power networks

Input filters for power

Input filters


The VPE series is specially designed for industrial power applications.
In accordance with the latest EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and safety BT (low voltage) standards applicable.

  • Three-phase EMI filter
  • EMI power filter from 150 to 4000A
  • Low leakage current
  • Easy to install
  • Compact mechanical structure. Little weight
  • Good heat dissipation
  • LINE / LOAD connection using plates
  • Nominal voltage of 520, 690 and 760 VAC
  • Working frequency: DC at 60Hz
  • Rated current 150 to 4000A
  • Available for IT networks

Reactances for input and output




They can be used both on the network side and on the motor side. They attenuate micro-cuts and peaks due to the initial connection and switching and reduce the harmonic rate of the mains current. If they are also placed on the motor side, they eliminate harmonic frequencies due to commutation.

Chokes (ferrites) for input and output




Output Chokes can be used in combination with RED filters to reduce electromagnetic disturbance.

They are especially effective when the disturbances radiated by the motor connection conductor cause interference in the control systems, data lines or radio and television receivers located near the installation. Fitting the proper shock on the motor connection cable can solve this type of problem.

Occasionally, electromagnetic compatibility problems can occur in an installation when the components that are part of the same control set affect each other; for example, open control panels can cause interference on the small amplitude signal circuits of the sensors. Usually in these cases the inclusion of a toroidal inductance in the control circuit cables and the sensors solves the problem. Normally, to determine the number and the situation of the additional shocks, it is necessary to perform some tests until the optimal configuration is achieved.

Output filters dV/dT

Output filters


Output filter specially designed for frequency inverters, inverters, speed control system, etc … Reduces the leakage current. It is the ideal complement between drive and motor.

  • Three-phase dV / dT filter
  • Output filter from 6 to 100A
  • Easy-mount compact metallic box
  • High inductance
  • Leakage current reduction

Output filters for power

Output filters


Output filter specially designed for frequency inverters, inverters, speed control system, etc … Reduces the leakage current. It is the ideal complement between drive and motor.

  • Three-phase filter
  • Power output filter from 150 to 4000A
  • Compact metal box easy to assemble.
  • High inductance.
  • Leakage current reduction.
  • Nominal voltage from 250 to 760VAC

Sine-wave output filters

Output filters


The LC series filters the high frequency carrier of the output voltage of the Variable Speed Drive, above the frequency parameters of the resonance. The output voltage of the filter is essentially sinusoidal with a small harmonic distortion in the ripple of the voltage (5-10%). The emission of noise to the engine is radically reduced and the life of the equipment is increased up to its normal operating levels.

  • Three-phase power 400VAC
  • Large motor cable length possible
  • High lifespan
  • Low noise emissions to the engine
  • Easy installation

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