VOT3400 dV/dT Filter 400A

912,91 +IVA/TVA/VAT

Particular characterisitics:
Model VOT 3400 in compact metal box
Three-phase filter from 250Vac to 760Vac
Connection by plates
Intensity 400A (200kW at 400Vac)

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The dV/dT output filter is specially designed for frequency inverters, inverters, speed control systems, etc …

The dV/dT filter is designed to protect AC motors from the damaging effects that long cable lengths can cause between the drive and the motor. Depending on the switching frequency of the IGBTs used in a drive and the size of the motor, cable lengths of more than 15 meters can lead to voltage spikes in the motor, which exceed the nominal value of the motor’s insulation system. .

Typical applications include submersible pumps, HVAC equipment, and process automation lines. NEMA B standard motors, MG1Part 30, are prone to failure as a result of high voltage spikes and can benefit from using a dV/dT filter.

Reduces leakage current.

It is the ideal complement between the variator and the motor.

Weight 10,3 kg
Dimensions 260 × 392 × 116 cm