EURA DRIVES inverters for solar irrigation have hybridization capability.
Especially suitable for installation directly in the field, the EP66 series inverter -for pumps from 1.5kW to 90kW- allows the hybridization (occasional or permanent) of the solar field with the electrical grid or with an electrical generator.

The variator can work in pressure regulation, for example for irrigation by pivots, aerial irrigation, with sprinklers, by spraying or by flooding.
You must always be respectful of the resources that nature gives us, and properly optimize the irrigation system.
With the installation of an irradiation sensor, the 3 regulation PIDs can be combined with the hybridization function, guaranteeing equal irrigation throughout the work surface, regardless of solar irradiation.
We also offer free telephone technical assistance for commissioning the drive at the installation.

The series of drives suitable for this irrigation with solar hybridization system are:

  • The E2000 series for installation with other instruments or automation within a control cabinet. Hybridization can be done in all three-phase drives at 400Vac above 15kW.
  • The EP66 series, for direct installation in the irrigation house, or outdoors. The entire power range can be hybridized, in three-phase at 400Vac.

NOTE: The E2000 series does not come standard with the multifunction keyboard, it must be purchased separately.

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